Let the Whole box  complement you around the clock with a monthly delivery that includes items suited for morning and evening use. For those coffee-and-cannabis days, you’ll enjoy carefully selected sativa products, chosen to stimulate socializing and creativity. If it’s a nightcap you’re after, our indica products will prepare you for a stress-free evening of full-body relaxation and restful sleep. Each box includes a selection of of the highest quality cannabis in the form of  two sativa and two indica products plus two stimulating add-ons which range from cannabis coffee, pre-rolls, and vape pens to honey, gummies, elixers, hot chocolate and CBD products.  We vary the selection with every delivery so there is always a new way to enjoy.

Subscription Process


Simply follow the steps below. 

1.  Upload a copy of your state issued ID.


2.  Choose your Whole box Subscription frequency below.


Note: Subscription boxes are delivered within 30 days from when your order is placed.  Your box will be delivered directly to your door (must have ID in hand). Sit back, relax, medicate, and enjoy.  If you find something you like in one of the boxes we send you, you can order more of your favorites through our menu page.  


Only available in CA in the San Francisco/Bay area  region

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