WHOLE BUDS CO. is a San Francisco, California based cannabis company and lifestyle brand. We specialize in providing high quality products And accessories. Started in the Bay Area, by our founder who navigated through the cannabis business before it was safe and trendy.  From the streets of Oakland and San Francisco to the farms of  Mendincino and Humbolt County in search of the best quality buds. We stood our ground through thick and thin, ups and downs, brushes with the law on a belief that cannabis is one of Gods greatest gifts to heal and enhance our life. We have partnerships with a variety of licensed manufacturers of fully compliant cannabis and CBD consumer packaged goods in California. Great brands are built on high quality and consistency - two traits that aren't easy to scale. With a vast network of over 25 farms, and proprietary manufacturers, we are able to consistently deliver the product and experience our customers have grown to expect. We take pride in being part of the San Francisco equity program of the Office of Cannabis and our commitment  to creating opportunities for members of the San francisco Bay Area Community is one of our main objectives. Welcome to the family.


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